Bucket List Productions

    Over the years, some of my most gratifying productions have been album projects for non-professionals. I’m talking about the guy who has a spiral notebook full of original songs he’s been accumulating since high school. I’m talking about the woman who raises eyebrows with her impressive singing at karaoke nights. I’m talking about the pianist or guitarist who’s honed their skills for years and years at home or church. 
     I’ve lost track of all the times I’ve heard comments from people like this either expressing regret that they’ve never pursued a particular musical dream or voicing a vague promise that someday, by God, they’ll get it together to record their talents in a proper studio. 
     A professionally produced CD—a tangible record of their efforts—satisfies a creative need in these people like nothing else can. We’ve heard this called a “vanity” project, but I’m convinced that in many cases a more appropriate term is “sanity” project. It’s for those people whose sanity demands it, whose years of hard work have earned it, that I’ve created Bucket List Productions

     The term “bucket list” suggests that I’m not talking about twenty-somethings, but rather, people who are, let’s say, more mature. That’s intentional. I’m a boomer myself, and I’ve found that working with others of a similar age range can make for greater rapport. When the artist (that’s you!) and producer are both more influenced by Beatles than Beiber, more by James Taylor than Taylor Swift, the process is more rewarding and the results more likely to please.

  Of course, as with any creative endeavor, it’s anything but a one-size-fits-all situation. I’ve “birthed” projects for everyone from seasoned recording veterans to studio virgins, but one thing is a constant—courteous, competent, one-on-one attention to your “baby”. 

     Here are a few of the options available to you when planning your project: 

         Pre-production: I can be as hands-on (or as hands-off) as you want me to be. This can involve fine-tuning lyrics, choosing material, weighing in on arrangement issues like keys, tempos, & instrumentation, or whatever. 
         Logistics: I’m happy to arrange nearby accommodations, rides to & from the airport, and provide a local’s take on getting the most out of your Nashville experience (we won’t be holed up in the studio the entire time—there’s plenty to do and see here!) 
         Graphics: If you’re in need of assistance with photos or graphic layout for your CD I’ve got talented, reasonably priced pros to steer you towards. 
         Vocal coaching: I’m lucky to be married to one of the best vocal coaches in town. Check out Susan’s website
         Hybrid projects: By hybrid, I mean that part of the project will be done here in Nashville while part will be done wherever you are. A client in Ireland, for example, has had me produce tracks for two album projects. His budget doesn’t allow for a trip to Nashville, so he adds his vocals in a Dublin studio. 

    They don’t call Nashville “Music City” for nothing. There’s a talent pool here that’s unparalleled, so when we record your long-awaited album you can be assured that some of the best musicians in the world will be backing you up. 

    If the top of your personal bucket list reads: “Record my own album”, please call or email me for a free in-depth consultation regarding your specific needs and desires, and together we’ll make it happen.