Some Cool Projects I've Worked On Recently

   I guess these things come in waves. I've had occasion of late to produce a number of 60's covers for different clients. Pete McIlroy, a longtime fan of folk duo Ian & Silvia, commissioned sweet new versions of four of their biggest songs. The very next week, JD Buhl flew in from Oakland to sing a medley of "Everybody's Talkin'" and "Everybody Loves a Clown". (Gary Lewis & the Playboys, don'tcha know!) And I'm staying in the 60's groove for the rest of the month recording a new batch of ten songs for our app, "Sing Harmonies", including more retro stuff: Beatles, Paul Simon, CSNY, and others. Mighty fun to revisit songs from my salad days!
   Here's a taste of a 2017 instrumental of mine that turned out quite well. It's not a 60's cover, of course, but to me it does sound reminiscent of a 60's movie theme. It's called "Dance of the Catalan Gypsies".
Nick Carter (No, not the Backstreet Boy and not the private detective) is a singer-songwriter who's threatened for years to record an album of his original material. He's finally decided to pull the trigger and the first four songs we've tackled came out great. Here's a sampling.
   Over the years I’ve produced a number of “place” songs—you know, those heartfelt odes to one’s city, state, or country. A few additions to the genre came through Studio X recently that turned out quite well. One is “Marianas”, Rob Koenig’s groovin’ piece about his Pacific island home. Another fave is Brad Cole’s love letter to his windy hometown, “Oh Chicago”.  And ironically, “Stars and Stripes of Freedom”, a patriotic flag-waver, was sent in by longtime client Wayne Jacobs, a lifelong Londoner (go figure!)  Hear a few snippets here. 
In-between clients this year I produced my wife Susan Ander's newest album "Loop de Loop". It's chock-full of left-of-center percussion and layered vocals. Here's the first track "Dark Rich Soil". You can hear more of the album on Susan's site, and you can download this song for free.
A taste of "Bad Man Road", one of five western songs by Dan Searles written for an upcoming movie.
I just finished producing Jimmy Druchniak's debut album "No Expiration Date" and it rocks, if I do say so myself. Here's a sampler of several of his hooky choruses. That's my lovely wife Susan wailing along with Jimmy.
I produced this live re-issue of Maxine Nightingale singing her 70's hit "Get Right Back Where We Started From"
More clips from some of the projects I've worked on in the last few years...

I just mastered famed singer-songwriters Hugh Moffat and Katy Moffat's recent release Now and Then.
Here's a nice cut from the album, written by Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman.

Donna Cunningham released a single called Kickin' Up Dust, written by my wife Susan Anders, and it did quite well on the indie country charts,
Here’s one of my favorite tracks from Bay Area singer-songwriter Renee Hayes’ 2014 album Renewable Soul.
Bob Cother is an Australian jazz and comedy songwriter. He's a fave and I've produced many tracks for him over the years.  Here's a great one that he wrote for his best friend, sung by yours truly.
Brad Cole is a touring singer-songwriter.
We co-produced his understated 2013 album Down the Line, which includes this beautiful song.