Fix & Mix: Add To, Edit, Polish, and/or Mix Your Home-Recorded Project

     My Fix & Mix service is for people who have recorded tracks in their home studio and want to take their efforts to the next level. Whether due to a lack of gear, lack of time, lack of access to side musicians, or lack of technical expertise, sometimes a home production can only go so far before maxing out its potential. That¹s where I come in:

• Do your vocal tracks need work? Whether they need to be tuned, de-essed, compressed, swaddled in a cool effect, or whateverŠ, I can give them the manicuring they need. You can also record your vocals here, if you prefer.

• Does your arrangement need one more element to put it over the top? Some of the best musicians in the world live here in Nashville. I can add them to your tracks.

• Would your song benefit from some digital nips and tucks? Chances are I can perform surgery with no telltale artifacts.

• Happy with your tracks, but just need a professional mix and/or mastering? I¹m at your service.

     Due to the wide range of options available in this service it¹s practically impossible to state any flat rates, but please contact me about your specific project and I¹ll give you a free assessment and a no-obligation estimate for any work I will do.