Personalized Guitar Lessons

Learn Pop, Folk, Country, Blues, Rock, Americana, and/or Funk Guitar

      I've been teaching guitar for a long time: I started teaching guitar when I was 13, and have continued to teach over the years in-between gigs and studio sessions. These days I teach out of my home studio in the Inglewood neighborhood of Nashville. No cookie-cutter method here--I create a personalized study plan for each student to make sure they are learning what really interests them. Want to play in a band? Want to enhance your songwriting skills? Want to expand your chord vocabulary? Want to be that person at the jam session who can play practically anything without a chart?

Beginning Guitar: basic chords, fingering, and strumming.
Intermediate to Advanced Guitar: get to your next level of playing.
Music Theory: just a little so you know the language, or a lot.
Soloing: all styles.
Guitar for Songwriters: a little theory and technique can take your writing up several notches.
Playing while Singing: improve your accompaniment skills and your performances will shine.
Technique: build pick finesse, fingering dexterity, and learn a bunch of different strums.

     We can work on electric or acoustic guitar. Adults and kids are welcome. Please write me if you have any questions. I Skype lessons, too.

 The cost is $40 per one hour lesson. Some of my students come in weekly, some come bi-weekly, and others come in whenever they are ready for their next class. You can pay for your lesson with cash or check when we meet, or pay online below.