I can help you write, produce, record, and master your project—but after that you may need assistance in other areas. Many colleagues of mine in Nashville can help you with your project. I've worked with all of these folks and can vouch for the quality of their work.

Vocal Coaching

Susan Anders: Okay, she's my wife, I'm biased. She's also a great vocal coach with tons of experience. Her site has lots of singing tips and methods. Also check out her Resources for Singers page.

Nancy Terzian
Jeff Thorneycroft

Both Nancy and Jeff have years of experience and can design CD covers, magazine layouts, books, and more. They do top-notch work and  can work with you long-distance.

Karen Leipziger/KL Productions:, 615-297-4452.
Karen has worked with a bunch of artists you've heard of. She knows her stuff.

Indie Artist Guru
Nancy Moran
Nancy is a brilliant teacher who gives online and live workshops that will help to make the business side of being an artist much easier and more efficient. You can reach her at

Internet Music Marketing
Charles Alexander Charles teaches the very informative Rock the Net workshops, and also does internet strategy for clients.

Song Pitching
Steve Bloch's Speed Pitch
Veteran publisher and song-plugger Steve Bloch gathers a bunch of industry people bi-weekly. An innovative way to make contact with publishers and label folks. Steve is our friend and a class act.

Play for Publishers
Barbara Cloyd is a gifted writing coach, and has been running the Play for Publishers workshops for years, and it's one of the best songwriting and pitching seminars I've found. Her site is filled with helpful info for songwriters.

Blair Hit Songwriter Series
Deanna Walker has been teaching this course at Vanderbilt in Nashville for many years, and whether you are a new or more advanced songwriter it's a must if you live or are visiting Nashville for a few months.

Artist/Songwriter Professional Guidance

Data Musicata
A comprehensive compendium of useful tips for traveling writers and performers by veteran singer-songwriter James Lee Stanley.

Sheree Spoltore/Global Songwriters International
Sheree offers individual consultations and song evaluations as well as online workshops and mentoring through her company Global Songwriters.

Nashville Songwriters Association International
Offering workshops, evaluations, guidance, networking, this is a great organization with dozens of local chapters throughout the US.

How Much Will Your Album Cost?
This is an article I wrote with budget guidelines for all aspects of your recording project.

Are You Ready To Do a Demo?
This is an article I wrote to assist you in your pre-recording process.