Welcome to the Studio X site. I'm producer/engineer/songwriter Tom Manche, and Studio X is my music production, recording and demo studio in Nashville, TN. Studio X was started in LA in the early 90s, and re-established in Nashville when I moved here in 2002. Since opening my doors I've produced hundreds of recordings: everything from one-off simple songwriter demos to full-length fully-produced albums to spoken-word projects like radio spots, audio books, and instructional CDs.
      If you're looking for an inexpensive studio helmed by a friendly, experienced professional, look no further. If you need some advice on how to proceed with your project you'll find answers on my resources page and in the articles I've written. And please check out my specialized services: Demos by Mail, Music City Custom Intensives, and Bucket List Productions. I also can add additional tracks and/or mix and master your home recorded project. More info on that service is on my Fix & Mix page.

      Audio Samples: You can hear audio samples of my work on the Demos by Mail page, on my Cool Recent Projects page, and on most of the pages on my artist site TomManche.com. Also check out the Zanna Discs catalogue of songs, I produced all of those. If you're a singer looking for material or tracks for your demo or album you'll find a lot of great songs there. And if that's not enough, check out my wife Susan Anders' site: I produced all of her artist and instructional CDs.

      Rates: My normal hourly rate for new clients is $40, but per-project package rates are also negotiable if you don't like to watch the clock. I also give discounts for larger projects. I'm happy to meet with you (or email) to discuss your project and give you a bid at no charge.

Still have questions? Write me.

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"I've done a lot of work with Tom at Studio X-- you won't find a better product for the price. His demos were responsible for my first three cuts in Nashville."  Pete Frega, Nashville, TN
"Recording my CD with Tom Manche in his beautiful studio was one of the most professional, relaxed, creative and efficient recording experiences I've ever had. Tom is a true Renaissance man: producer, engineer, songwriter, arranger, musician, creative coach and more importantly--he's hecka fun!!"  Renee Hayes, Berkeley, CA

"Tom is fast but thorough, he makes excellent suggestions, and he's a lot of fun. He's also a great guitar player who can come up with amazing parts on the spot."  Deanna Walker, Zavitson Music Group, Nashville, TN
"I've been around a lot of studios and Tom Manche's is the best...great atmosphere and equipment, but best of all is Tom himself. He is very patient, fair, quick, and knows how to gently get the best out of singers and players. He has access to some of the best in Nashville, and knows what it takes to get the "Nashville sound." He also has the ear for good production and harmony ideas. I usually do most of my own tracks at home in MD and send them to Tom. He adds the singer or pedal steel or whatever I need, and does a great final mix."  Jack Bond, Silver Springs, MD

"I've worked at Tom's studio on several projects: He's got a great space, a fast and versatile system, and a sure hand at the controls. Very professional, affordable, and it sounds good in the car when you leave. What more could you ask for?"  Mark T. Jordan, Nashville, TN
"Recording at Studio X is always a comfortable, satisfying experience because Tom is able to quickly deliver the exact piano and vocal qualities I ask him for. His is the jewel of Nashville recording studios."  Jim Stephens, Nashville, TN

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